Email Marketing – Tidying Up Your List

OMG! It’s like starting again!

In 2012 when I created my first product I built up a nice (small) list of paying subscribers and thought that I had made it and all I had to do was get a bigger list and retire to my favourite part of the country the Norfolk Broads with a nice riverside home with mooring for my new cruiser.


I did build up a decent amount of subscribers and also have some members of my membership sites that are not on my Aweber lists but I can contact directly from inside the dashboard.

I then partnered up with my buddy Stuart Stirling and slowly but surely my list building and email marketing dwindled to the point where my open rates were less than 5%.

As I am in the process of creating a traffic and list building product I thought I better get my arse back in gear and start to practice what I preach so I deleted non responsive subscribers from my Aweber lists.


I do hope that the system at Aweber works OK and I haven’t deleted thousands of subscribers who have actually opened my emails.

If you are interested in how I cleaned my list check out Awebers instructions by clicking here….

If you haven’t decided on which autoresponder service to use you can get a 30 day free trial at

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